Monday, November 14, 2011

Making Christmas projects with an old quilt

I had this quilt that wasn't really old, but had seen better kept splitting at the seams and such.  I decided it was time to craft with it.  I took pieces of it and gave it the strong coffee treatment and let dry.  I love making tags....and I always use my copies of old photos I collect.  Just by adding a Santa hat...she looks ready for Christmas.  This is a simple bag shape, with wire hanger and glued on cotton batting for a trim.

This one is very similar to the first one...I added a yarn and cheesecloth covered wire (candy cane).  I added some old pine twigs.

I love using old candle stick stands from goodwill.  I made a star shape with open bottom, stuffed it, and then plunked it down on the candle stick stand.  Add a tag and wrap with string. 
I have made alot from this quilt and still have more to use.  It is the never ending quilt!

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