Monday, November 28, 2011

The Art of Christmas!

Felted Christmas Ornaments 10 red toadstool mushroom decoration woodland tree handmade nature white Hanging Aice in Wonderlandchristmas candy cane photograph / holiday, hands, peppermint, stripes, child, winter, red, white / candy cane girl / 8x8 fine art photo
ON SALE Garnet Red NeckwarmerBig Candy Canes E Pattern - fabric primitive holly new pdf Christmas Old Grubby banner
Felted Soap Green Soap with Holiday Flower (Hollyberry Scent)Printable gift wrap paper - leafs and flowers
This is "The Art of Christmas"....a wonderful Treasury on Etsy.
There are all kinds of artists selling their wares on Etsy....everything you could think of!  I love the treasuries....not only are they lovely to look at...but it shows you items you might never have searched for, but when you see it in a's cool!
There are lots of finished goods and lots of collage sheets and patterns too!
Have a great Cyber Monday!

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