Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's Mew? - Cat quote of the week!

Hi y'all!  This is Princess Fiona when she was a baby....she is mommy to my current cats...Lucky & Trix. My little Fiona disappeared one day....never found her.  She was cute and gave me 2 huge gifts- her kittens.  I hate to say this...but..... she had the personality of a wet rag.  I loved her alot though. 
She is saying "What's Mew?"...I know it is corny...but with all the corny Christmas records I am listening to goes with the territory. 
Survivor is on tonight....yay....I love that show!  I have always been on team "Coach"...Ozzy drives me bonkers. 

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  1. hi, there! Just wanted to say hi - I recently found your blog stumbling along online, & I have pinned a bunch of your embroidery freebie friday designs (thank you) & added you to my rss feed :) thanks for a great blog!