Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh What Fun! - Freebie friday

I love Freebie Friday....I love sharing with you all and if you ever want to share with me how you have finished one of my freebies.....please do ....I would LOVE to see it and post on my blog!  This design would be great stitched up and added to a gift by a bow.

I love you probably already know.  Right now I have one cat, Froy, sleeping under my Christmas tree.  He looks like part of the decorations.  His fur is all rumpled like a kids pajamas. 
My daughter Selina has made a huge Christmas list...I have bought some things....but I always struggle with picking out the right ones...I hate wasting money on things that a kid barely ends up liking.  I give her the old lectures....I am turning into my

If you are here in Spokane Washington...go see the Two Woman Vintage finds Show up on Moran prairie grange tomorrow...I want to see all the goodies!


  1. Darling kitty! Thank you for all the freebies. I am adding this to my "to do" someday list. We crafters never have enough time to do all we want to, do we? I am a cat lover as well :)

  2. I love this kitty! Thanks for all your freebies! I have a few printed out, including the Halloween cat which I love, that I hope to actually stitch some day. I didn't want to leave comments on every post, lol, but I love that Poodle wrapping paper. Also, Dover has a postcard book of Titanic pictures. At least they did a couple of years ago. I'll go see if they still do...

  3. There are only six postcards and they're of paintings of the Titanic.