Monday, December 5, 2011

Far out man!!! Retro felt onaments

I grew up in the early 70's....when things were FAR OUT!  I mean everything had wild color and bouffants! 
My outfits I wore, cause mom made all our dresses and clothes, were mod mod mod.  Wild patterns, bright colors, cutesy artwork, and all appliances were mustard yellow or olive green.  My sisters had  My mom was not going to let the smallest have hot pants.  Those were fun times...lots of great memories. 
Anyway.....I forgot to tell you yesterday when I showed my mouse stocking pattern...that I also just put out :
Glittery Retro felt ornaments pattern....available on my different sites and Etsy.
These retro ornaments are a real blast from the past. Make them in any color or style you like. The ornies are easy, quick, and inexpensive! Use up your scraps and be eco-friendly. Great to decorate your tree with, put on a package, and hang from doorways! 5 Different shapes are included. Use whites and creams for a shabby chic look. Use reds and greens for a traditional Christmas ornament.

This is part of Whipper Berry...Friday Flair..go see everyone elses lovely items they made this week!


  1. These are really cute, I mean "far out man!"
    from another "hip hugger, sista"

  2. those are really neat..and you know how much I love to use my wool felt..they are totally tubular.;)lol.;)

  3. These turned out beautifully :) Visiting from whipperberry