Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Collecting Christmas tags

One of my favorite things to collect are paper products...especially Christmas tags.  I love these little pieces of art...that are often thrown away with the wrap.  They tell you a story about the time and what was popular at the time.  Above is a groovy angel (I must have posed for it...lol).  Those were the times of bright colors and cutesy drawings....which I love.

I think this Santa is older...he is stylized.  I like how he is decorating his reindeer or hitching them up with bells.  I have tons in my collection, but I only have energy to scan a few, since I need to do a million other things.

I love mice....again it is flower power...and bright colors.  One of my sisters and I would ignore this tag and try to peek anyway....we had a naughty spell.

I think this dolly girl is so adorable.  She is so sweet.  I remember that style being soooo popular....I was fascinated by it!  Makes me want to draw right now.  Dang...I can't ....oh well.

On a completely different note....Last night was FEAR FACTOR.....yes the show that has been off the air for years came back.  I love that show so much....maybe it is because I know in a million years I couldn't do even one stunt....so I like seeing other chumps...I mean people do it.  LOL.

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