Friday, December 9, 2011

Naughty Santa! Freebie friday

This one cracks me up!  I love collecting old photos....this one was a whole dollar!  She has teeth...and lots of them.  I have another of her when she is smiling big time...and let me tell you...the girl has teeth!  She looks like a sweet soul though.  she is the freebie Friday...copy and print.  I love putting these in small frames...displayed around the house.
I made lots from old photos that I was done with....just add Santa hats, glitter, and a little saying!

Show me the merry...a play on words from Jerry McGuire (not sure if I spelled that right)....Show me the money.

She looks like she has pouted plenty!

Sometimes I use white felt for the trim of their hats, with dabs of glitter over it.

She is sweet...and a party girl no doubt! 
Have a fun and frosty weekend!  I plan on watching some old corny Christmas shows!

This is part of  Whipper Berry...Friday Flair..go see everyone elses lovely items they made this week!

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