Tuesday, April 14, 2015

All that I am....Mom

Here is my newest sign...perfect for Mother's day!
All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my Mother......
The saying comes from the great President Abe Lincoln
My mother was a fantastic mom....she had flaws...but she was just awesome and I wish she were still here and could see all the things I am doing and I wish she could be with my daughter!
If you still have your mom....cherish her.

I have to show you some treasure I got during spring break.
Above are things to complete needle punch projects.
These small baskets are perfect for lil needlepunch.
I love hoops and old jello molds (perfect for bases for crafts and pincushions)
I got lots of embroidery transfers
These country folks are cute
Sew day...that guy better watch out ...she may get his booty with a needle.
Old books are always a favorite of mine
They just don't make stuff like this anymore.
It is nice artwork and sparks all kinds of ideas.
Magazine racks....cause I do have a bit of a magazine collecting problem.
vintage fabric
I needed black trim badly
ok...this was fun...a whole box of pink goodies!
I was in heaven
vintage buttons, tulle springs, ribbons....
rose buds, beads, sequins.....
pink papers too
pink leaves..lol... and much more!
This was a strange find...but fun...a game
But I am just gonna use the cool words inside.
Tons of words and in different colors...yay
I also got fake flowers, a pink shelf, chocolates, and a sweet pink mini vw van...lol.
I just had a blast.
I have some really comfy skechers shoes too...gray and pink!
I am glad to get back to normal however.

By the way...if you would like you artwork in a cool magazine like Somerset holidays or any Stampington publication....here is lots of great advice.
I was lucky enough to have my design on the cover of this issue!!!
Could be you next!!

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