Sunday, April 12, 2015

Painting....with my daughter!

I have been taking a painting class from Mindy Lacefield called "permission to play"
It is a blast...I recommend taking online course from you favorite artists....not only is it fun, but It is great to learn!
Above is my first "Big eyes" girl.
There is alot of layering with paper and painting in layers too. 
Here is the same painting mid way through....creepy!!! 
Here is my daughter Selina's painting of  a big eyes frozen character....Elsa!
I must tell you...we had a blast painting together...watching the video...going over fun! 
Here is her painting mid way through...amazing how things change.

Then on Saturday...we decided to do another on a smaller wood plaque.
I chose purple hair and a 
Seems she is thinking of love. 
Selina was thinking...Alice in wonderland.
She is a big fan of the Tim Burton movie!
It is so nice to have your teenage daughter request to paint another!
...then she went out on a movie date with her boyfriend.

Good times!!!

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