Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Set

I just made a set of coordinating Birthday digitals....a 5 x 7 card, a To/From tag set and a Thank you tag set....all together...and all matching. 
I made the repeating pattern design in Adobe Illustrator.... which I thought was perfect for Birthdays.
I keep Thank you tags handy for all my customers....I just tuck it into their order...this is a bright and cheery way to say you appreciate their business.
Of course it can be used to say Thank you to anyone!

There is plenty of room for names on these tags...and you will always have them handy because you can print them anytime. 
The tags come on a sheet each...pdf ....very easy to download and use immediately.

See how well they all go together! You could use pink, green, white or purple wrap or tissue paper.
I've printed out many so I will have a bunch on hand when running around trying to wrap a gift in a flash.  That seems to be how I wrap....last minute...and always in a hurry.

Thought for today:
Money can't buy you happiness...
but it can buy marshmallows...
which are kinda the same thing!

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