Monday, April 20, 2015

Little girls...

Thanks heaven ...for little girls!
I love drawing little girls and love creating designs with little girls.
I have such a strong bond to my own is like we have forever known each other....
maybe it is because it seems she has an old soul.  If there is such a thing as a past live...she would definitely have been with me before.
Above it my patriotic girl...a combo of fabric applique (super easy) and embroidery. 
This is a different shot of my "She lingers in the garden" quilt...
It has fabric applique and simple blocks background. 
(The color is off on this pic...should have fixed it...sorry)
I love the simplicity of this is a super fast embroidery....framed in a hoop. 
This one reminds me of Cinderella...which has always been a big favorite of mine.
My dad used to call me "Cinderella Dorothy Queen" 3 favorite

This design started out as a simple doodle in my sketchbook...I love finding my original sketch and seeing how it changed for my pattern.

Can you see the glitter on the wings and dress? 
This is the "Vintage Garden party girl"...
I used some scraps of vintage fabric for this her green eyes! 
This pattern ...called True love lasts...comes with the 3 designs.
Her flowers have lots of little beads...very easy to add to the embroidery. 
Sweet Witchy poo
She is definately not scary.
See the bat dropping off a candy corn to
Speaking of little girls....
I have to show you my little girl's prom pictures (before prom).
She is a junior and she got all glammed up. 
Here is the cute couple...Selina with her boyfriend.
A little nervous yet excited.
They danced all night...had a great time!
Now I feel really old!
Boo hoo
Find a little time for yourself today!

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