Monday, April 27, 2015

Mom...let's celebrate

I love Mother's was a sweet time back when I was a kid...coming up with a card or gift for mom.  Then when I got older us kids would out our money together for a better
One year she wanted a wicker patio set....we all made it happen.
It was fun to see her excited face...she just loved that wicker!
Now she has been gone a long time....17 years...the same age my one and only child is...17.
When my daughter came into this mother left 20 days later.
She had a terminal lung disease.
It think of her alot...hoping she is proud.
Now I get the gifts....and it is so sweet.
I love how my husband and daughter spoil me...can't wait for May 10th.
These are some of my Mother's day products/projects in my etsy shop.
My collage sheet tags are so sweet....all these tags fit on one sheet.
You can print them over and over....add string and ribbons. 
I use old photos, paper and create my artwork... 
Sassy.....and sweet 
I love true! 
Being a mom is tough yet so rewarding 
I added this tag to a can that I covered in vintage book paper. 
This one I added to a huge jar of clothespins. 
I have badges for this time of year...a pattern to make all of these.
The best mom in the whole world award. 
Also is fathers day, birthday, super kid, and wedding.... 
This pattern has four embroideries... 
Thans mom...I put this one on a wooden spoon. 
Flash cards....they make sweet banners. 
My newest sign....made with my surface designs...

Here is my mom...back in the early 50's. She was so pretty.
I put her picture in a Deflecto frame....and added a simple "Mom" banner.

Here is a little freebie for you!

Happy Monday!

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