Thursday, April 23, 2015 them!

I love shopping at antique stores....this one called 
in Spokane Washington
is definitely one of my favorites!!
I love the bike wheel....full of vintage postcards 
Old babies....I wonder what their story is... 
same here...
Who loved them and what happened? 
This is a chair's seat....a crazy quilt with some embroidery....1901, 1897, 1902... old. 
two thumpers! 
These crack me up....reminds me being on the phone with my sister Cecilia. 
Dramatic isn't she!
I would love the mannequin head...hehehe 
They really have a knack for displays 
Ok...I really loved this....too bad there was no mark to go with....
it is adorable!
I can just imagine the happy boy wearing this Halloween night! 
Cute mouse measuring spoon holder! 
I think that is how you spell
owl and froggy 
I LOVED Miss Piggy in the 70's when I would see her movies, collect stickers...etc...
There was something about her bossy aggressiveness that was so opposite of me.

This weekend is an antique show in town....
More shopping!!!
Happy day to you!!

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