Monday, April 6, 2015

Needle punch....Halloween?

I is too early for Halloween!
But I had a sewing group to go to and had to bring something.
I really wanted to do something different and something that was not my own design.
So I found a kit I had from Brenda Gervais
I had made one of the designs years ago...and two were still in the kit. 
Here is a midway through picture...we had lots of fun with all the ladies chit chatting was almost is hard to work on 
Here is what is looks like where you punch the needle in. 
This is the kit/pattern.  I already made the lower pumpkin.
I only have the turkey left.
I used DMC floss. 
It is hard to see....but the orange background has varying colors of orange...which is rich looking.
So when I finished it...I added it to this small basket...added some crazy black fringy yarn around it.
I also added a pin that says"Eek!".  It is just a scrap of muslin...stamped with the letters....glittered up a bit and glued onto the top of a pin.

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