Tuesday, January 19, 2016

12 mini hoop embroidered pendant designs

Oh my gosh...I am thrilled about this new collection of embroidery designs!
I loved how these turned out...so sweet...but mainly so fast and easy. 
This was a dream come true...working with my 18 year old daughter...and making these mini hoop pendants.  She makes the mini hoops....you can find them in her etsy shop: Selinahudsondesigns.
I made the embroidery designs into a pattern.
I am super proud of her...she has been the best daughter anyone could ask for!!!

There are 12 designs in this pattern.  There is a project for every time of the year! Two designs can be customized for your needs- Pattern includes 3 alphabets.
There is: Love with roses, a deer, Hearts, Boo pumpkin, wreath with monogram, dashed lines with monogram, Hello with flowers, big blue flower, cross stitch Christmas tree, Merry Christmas, Blue bird and Heart with arrow.

These are my daughter Selina's pendant blanks..with nothing in them....yet!
It makes finishing the designs soooo easy. 
They are much easier than other pendant blanks I have used in the past.

This "Hello"design comes with her pendant blanks...and helpful hints. 
There are 2 for Christmas...perfect for holiday parties or gift exchanges. 
Three designs featuring love.
They are great for Valentines....and any day really. 
Designs in blues...sort of a nature trio. 
I love Halloween....so I had to do at least one for that season. 
I love the deer silhouette.  This could be done in any color....in fact all these designs could be changed dramatically, just by changing the colors.
This is the dashed line design...you can add your initials or monogram.  
Again... any colors could be used.  
Who knows ... maybe I will do another companion pattern...with 12 more designs.

Right now...my brain is hooked on Valentine's...I went to my favorite antique store searching out vintage valentines...I was in heaven looking out for all things red and pink.

If you have it in Pink...
I'll take it!

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