Monday, January 11, 2016

Hearts hearts hearts...

I am just really getting into hearts and with that comes 
I stitched this will be one of 12 designs in my new pattern...
for embroidery necklaces.
They are put in my daughter's (did I tell she is a senior in high school?) mini hoop pendant blanks.
This bird in another design that will be in the pattern.
My pic is alittle dark....I was just too excited to share this, when I should have fixed the photo. 
There are lots of birds out lately...I think they want spring...and so do I!
My daughter put this star necklace in her shop...simple and sweet.
She made a five she has where you can buy a single pendant blank with chain, a 3 pack and a five pack.
I am so addicted to these guys...and I couldn't be prouder of my daughter!

I have been working on my illustrator skills...turning my pen and ink drawing into a colorful design.

This is my drawing....which I had as a freebie last year.
It would be cute stitched up into a wearable pin!

I worked in illustrator to colorize it and then went nutty switching colors and saving everyone!!
The original colors were the top left one.
Oh man...I could do this 24/7!

If you want to learn repeating pattern design or more of adobe illustrator...I highly recommend Bonnie Christine's classes in both Creativelive and skillshare.
She is soooo generous with her information.
You need to be computer savvy and either have adobe illustrator or try the 30 day free offer of illustrator.
I have a hp PC, not a you can have either to do this.


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