Friday, May 26, 2017

Take time to smell the roses...

All too often we are all busy...running here and there.
Multitasking everywhere we go.
Let's all take time to smell the roses....take a minute to breathe and relax.
We deserve to slow and do nothing!
Save this lil gem of a freebie.
And now for what''s new.....

At quilt market...
Clothworks did up my pattern "She lingers in the Garden"...
in their designer fabric called Frou-Frou!
It was on display in their booth!

My daughter Selina has a new item in her etsy shop:
Hearts and square sweet and unique. 
They are just $3.49 a bag.
They come in a pack of 8 hearts and 8 squares

They are fun to add to any sewing project or even mixed media.
I watercolored mine....he he he. 
I love adding color!
This lil heart looks great on my kitty cat rug!
This is the sale pattern of the week!
it is only $2.99 .... for this week only....
next friday it will be off sale.
I love this one so much....I can't resist a patriotic kitty!

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