Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's happening....in 1913

I got a cool magazine....it's only 102 years old.
I love the fashions that were in it!
Just gorgeous!

This was right after the Titanic sunk....and there is an article in it about what happened to the
Astor baby.  John Jacob Astor died on the Titanic, but his pregnant wife made it.
I love Titanic....so I was in heaven to see this magazine for only 3 bucks.

Can you imagine stuffing yourself in a corset everyday?
No thanks!

These ladies definitely came from high class...they probably didn't do anything but charity dinners.

The outfits are cool...but soooo glad things have changed.

It just show you how different the world was 100 years ago.
Women were just ornaments.

This is some weird paper project...creepy clown alert!!!

I know it is hard to see...but this is the advice section.....

Here they tell you how to get rid of cockroaches....
I have never seen one in Washington state....I did in Texas.....but I think cockroaches would laugh themselves to death with this tip!!
Crisco....my mom's favorite!
She made great chicken with it.
I love how this ad shows doughnuts....yum!
So now you know the latest.....from 1913 that is!

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  1. While the corset is a scary thought I sure wish I had a chance to wear some of those hats!!!

  2. So gorgeous! I love the images. I remember eating Crisco doughnuts as a child. My Mom made them. They were so good! Edwina Brown

  3. Yes...that hats are lovely! I wish I could have some doughnuts now....the grocery store just doesn't make them very good. We have some doughtnut shops in town but everytime I get to them they are closed....after noon seems to be when they are done. There is always Krispy kreme however.

  4. What funny housekeeping hint and the Crisco can. Thank you.