Monday, May 18, 2015

What's new with me?

I have been doing a variety of things lately....pretty much having a blast.
I have been painting more Big eyes....
Since I can't have purple hair in real life...I made her have it....she likes it.
This is my kitty ...mid way through....she is now finished.  I will have to take a finished pic.
Bunny girl...with her butterflies.
Sometimes I pick up unfinished wood pieces at goodwill to paint on....why not? 
Here I am trying to finish my embroidery design... You will see what I decided to do shortly.
I didn't do exactly this. 
I wanted some bright colors and a flowery motif!
I picked out a rainbow of colors....thank you DMC! 
Last night I couldn't stop myself from is addicting!
I kept watching "forensic files"....another addicting thing!
I have been recoloring my repeating zinnia pattern...I love blue and purple...they are my happiest colors. 
It is amazing how colors change they way you feel about something. 
I love lime is very cheery.
My favorite yogurt is key lime die for. 
When I think of Halloween ...I think ORANGE.
These colors remind me of Halloween ....very non spooky....just harvest like. 
I could change colors all day long! 
Sweet black and sophisticated.
I had a great weekend.....hanging with my daughter and hubby.

I better get back to work....I keep doing fun

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  1. love the designs following from thrifty thursday have a great week