Friday, May 1, 2015

May day!!! Freebie!!

It's MAY!
I drew this up the other day....on my patio....enjoying the sun, 
birds chirping...
and I just thought how nice it was that May is here!
I am looking forward to these next few months of lovely warm/hot weather.
Save this freebie....stitch it up!

*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs.

This is how the freebie started...just a drawing in pencil....then I went over it with a black marker.

Erased the pencil lines....then added the Bee later.

I cleaned it up again in Adobe Illustrator.

I made some fun color palettes using my photos...makes a great way to pic colors for a design project, painting, home decor palette...and so on.
Above is my lilacs which are now in full bloom.
I took the colors from my snail pattern...I like seeing what color combos can appear that I didn't see by just looking at it.
Lots of colors I love from this one. 
I love pink and green!
I would love to make these colors in a quilt.
Pears...from Greenbluff....a nearby town that has tons of little farms making the community.

Seems like the colors in nature are just perfect right now!
I plan on taking more pictures outside and enjoying the fresh air!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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