Friday, May 22, 2015

Tomato pincushion freebie

Thank God it's Friday!!
and the Memorial day weekend is here.
To me...this is the beginning of Summertime!
Above is a fun freebie...a sweet pincushion.
Stitch it up into a
I love how profound this statement is!
I also love the simplicity of this design. 
I made the repeating star practice...and It turned out well. 
Another great saying!
Being a veteran makes me feel proud. 
I love to display these all summer long.
My wool pins and necklaces pattern is fun to remember your loved one....I give old photos in the pattern though in case you want to use them.  
These are fun and easy to do. 
I love how they look vintage. 
Wool and wool felt are perfect for these...especially since they take scraps....and we all have a bunch of scraps.  (I hoard them
If you want some Patriotic inspiration....check out this Pinterest board!
Let's all take a moment this weekend to think and remember our military!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie! So pleased to have found your blog! Wonderfully inspiring and creative!
    Happy weekend!