Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy September!!!

Yay...It's September!
And it is my daughter's first day of 12th grade
She is a senior!!
I always take a first day of school pic....this is the last time
boo hoo.
I am sure she will have lots of stories to tell me when she gets home.
I have a million projects in the works...and now I will have some serious time to actually
In the meantime...
I thought I would share some books I have gotten recently.
Think happy be happy ...is a cute thick lil book filled with inspiration and art. 
See....so cool.
I love looking at it when I feel upset...
It calms me right down. 
I love collecting old school books! 
Especially when it has elements of Halloween in it! 
This is old and so useful 
I know my pic is blurry...but there is all kinds of phrases...which I could use on tons of projects.
This book I got at Hallmark.
The sweetest Halloween book ever! 
The graphics are great....colors are bright and cheerful! 
The story is cute and I am really inspired by this...so I had to have it. 
Coloring is soooo popular....gotta get my crayons out. 
Old vintage coloring books are great too!
I have a huge collection now.
I do love the school teacher owl on the cover.

I promise to show you what I have been working on soon...
I have patterns to write, pictures to take...a long list of to-do's...
Plus my daughters birthday is Saturday....panic!!!
I guess I will take things one step at a time!

Happy September to you!

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  1. Happy September to you too! Looks like you've got some fun things in the works. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - have a good day!