Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Birthday, fabric, Halloween and stuff

My daughter, my one and only, turned 18 this weekend!!
She had a fun party with relatives and friends,
Here she is with her friends and her boyfriend bowing down like a knight...she is the queen...right?! 
Blowing out the Darth Vader cake.
She had a great day and we all did too. 
Had to show you my latest score of thrift store fabric! 
There was a lot of Halloween fabric...who would give this up?
Crazy huh! 
The turkeys are funny! 
I love the leaves with acorns...I was in heaven. 
This is a design I think will not make it as a pattern...I just don't like it enough.
It was something I was finishing up from last year. 
My picture's colors are off.
Some things in my studio....
Big bowl of scrunched seam binding...waiting for me to grab at it. 
Thrift store bowls are great for storing things.
I have racks for pretty papers...these witches came out of hiding...
they are cabinet cards I dolled up. 
A little wall hanging...made from one of the months in my raggedy Ann quilt.
This is the 12 month raggedy quilt ....it is one of my pattern designs. 
This is a huge badge...hanging in my studio. 

Now for a few HAlloweeny designs...
I love paper mache boxes. I also love using those battery operated tea lights..the glow is so sweet.
The pattern is also in my etsy shop.
She is a very popular pattern. 
I love how old it looks....when it isn't. 
The artwork is included in the pattern.
Notice the scrunched seam binding bow...it adds a little 3D element to the lil pillow.
Now I got to bring the items me and my daughter are entering in the fair to the fairgrounds and later to get her drivers license.....which she passed both tests a while ago...she had to wait to either turn 18 or have her learners permit for 6 months.  State rules...so crazy!
I got my license the day I turned 16 ...no rules.  

Happy Tuesday!!!

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