Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Harmony...fabric designs

Hello friends!
I just wanted to show you a peek at my two fabric collections...Summer Harmony and Spring Harmony!
Above I made a hexie flower from some of the repeating designs.

Summer harmony is sunny and bright!
Almost like a lemonaid stand with cherries in the drinks.
I drew all the designs first in my sketch book...then added them into the computer. 
I then illustrated them and lastly made repeating designs with them.
These can be more than fabric...they can be a shower curtain, pillows, notebooks, stationary, a bedspread...and so on.
They can even be wallpaper.
In designing you also need some simple designs....because not every fabric can be the star.
This makes them go together better.
I can also change how big and how small the designs can be....very easily.

**Just a note:  I don't want to be rude....but these are not freebies...they are my designs...and mine alone.  I can't allow you to use these in any form.  I had a few people think that they could have my surface patterns to use.  This is why I am explaining it....because I really want to show you what I am working on.
I always give a freebie on Friday and they are usually my sketches/doodles or a vintage postcard.

This is Spring Harmony!
I love hexies....lol...I am addicted to them.

Here is a peek at this set of designs.
The pink main design is my very favorite.
This makes me think of cherry blossoms blooming and all the plants coming to life!
This one reminds me of buttercups!
My purple here is very much like a wallpaper I had in my kitchen....it was 4 layers down underneath others.  It was a dark green with motifs kinda like these....very cool. 
My daughter Selina has more products in her etsy shop and through Checker Distributor.
We made this package cover recently for her 3 pack mini hexie ring blanks.  It comes with the heart flower pattern design.
These rings are addicting to make...most of the time I simply put cute fabric in them...which takes seconds...and then viola....
so easy!
This is her mini hexie pendant blanks package cover....it comes with the bunny embroidery design.
I am always getting into her stash for these.
I can never get the mini hoops for myself anymore...they sell out before I can grab some! 
and lastly ... this is her Tags pendant blanks.
It comes with the kitty cat love embroidery design.

Oh boy...gotta go to dentist yet again...fixing my bite...sounds fun huh!
Oh well....another of life's tasks.

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