Friday, March 25, 2016

Mini Hoop Tutorial

This is my daughter Selina's Free mini hoop wood pendant show just how easy it is to use her hoops to make very pretty necklaces. 
On this video she just adds a piece of fabric to it!
Mini hoops come with this free design above. 
All her blanks come with a free design and how to sheet.

A lovely lady, Michele Goggins of Mg Doodle Studio, Made this gorgeous fabric and made the purse and used one of Selina's hoops as a zipper pull! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Selina makes all these shapes...from pendant to rings to brooches.

One of her latest....owls! 
I just like how sweet just plain fabric can be! 
This little owl is from Jo Ann Fabrics, fabric. I just added little french knots on the center of the eyes.

This is how my Spring Bunny banner turned out....this is hanging on my mantle.
I painted the painting and then scanned it...turning it into little banner shapes. Plus some of the other artwork was done on adobe illustrator. 
I think I shared how the collage sheet I was working on looked...but this is the finished banner.

Well I have been to the dentist twice this I am way behind on things...better get cracking!
Have a lovely weekend!!

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