Friday, March 11, 2016

Be ready for change...freebie

Are you ready for change?
Spring is the perfect time for change...there is something about everything coming to life that stirs the soul!
This is today's freebie! 
I saw a big bee the other day...he was huge and scary...I drew a friendly
 *Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make a couple finished goods (no mass producing) and a couple gifts...they are still legally my designs.

I have been doing an Instagram photo first.
It is Bonnie Christine's photo challenge: #patterndesignwithbonnie
The first day was inspiration.
The 2nd day was sketches. 
The 3rd day was what is your favorite tool? This is a tool in adobe illustrator.
I love the blob brush! 
The 4th was use 5 words...this describes my design above. 
The 5th day is illustrated motifs.
There will be more next week starting Monday
Check me out and say "Hi".
I highly recommend joining is full of inspiration and joy!
I love looking at all the goodness with my morning coffee.
I love crafty people, artists, cute animals, antiques, fun sayings, illustrators, quilters, halloween...and much more.  You can type in any interest and follow will come into your feeds. 
Plus people sell right on cool is that?
I have not sold on instagram...but alot of people have.
You can follow someone and unfollow dont have to keep everyone.  
I really enjoy it!

These mini Hexagons Ring blanks with silver rings.....are just the perfect way to finish a design and make the sweetest gift!  
These are some ideas....these are just fabric scraps...on the pink strawberry there are french knot seeds in red. 
The hexies measures: 1 1/8" at widest part of hexie and 1" across on smallest side. It has silver rings that are adjustable. 
This sweet little embroidery design comes with the "How to" sheet ...included in the 3 pack set.
These hexie necklaces and rings are all from a cute fabric line of Little red riding hood.
The mushroom is made from the mini hexie ring blanks. 

As you can tell...I am really proud of my daughter...she is my one and only baby....
I love her more than words can say!
This spring she graduates from high school....I can't believe it!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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