Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patty day & Easter Decor!

Well it is almost St. Patrick's day!
Last weekend I saw some pretty nutty people living it up downtown...all in the craziest get
All in the name of St. Patrick's...well I guess it is a reason to party.
For me It is a reason to decorate!
I added alittle green to two areas of my dining room.
I love my little leprechaun on a stick from my pal Sue!
I have a party hat and some hearts.
The hat was made from my party hat pattern.
This is my favorite green!
My mom is in the background (in her glamour photo trench coat)... and I have a tart warmer with my stained glass shamrock.
Pom poms on a string are from target.
I have had this little pitcher forever...I can't ever part with it.
I did the rest of the house with Easter...I didn't put as much up as I usually do...I think it looks better this way.
I love my dorky bunnies.... and chenille chicks.
My favorite bunny ever...I bought it at a craft mall many years ago...probably back in the early 90's.
My piano display....I pick up flowers at thrift stores.
They really have some good ones...inexpensive too.
My daughter....with a cute troll bunny!
Easter felt chicks!...and one blue bunny.
I really enjoy putting up these seasonal goodies...but each time I pack it away...there is a little sadness.
I want it to last longer!!

I have had a hollow white chocolate bunny was to die for!
Do you have a favorite Easter goody?
Leave a comment and share what you like best!

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  1. What a fun blog posting. I love your little holiday decor and the fun things you have shared. I need to find that MoJo again. You always offer so much inspiration. May you have a lovely week.

  2. Thanks so much Sylvia...I love hearing from you!

  3. Happy St Patty's put me to shame...I have done nothing this year.

  4. Thanks for commenting spittin-toad...I would love to know the story behind your name!