Sunday, March 20, 2016

Vintage Easter Mini Quilts

It's time for a Vintage Easter...remember those days long ago....Springtime with family and friends.
Children in their fine attire...hunting eggs and watching for the Easter bunny.
This brand new the perfect way to dress up your Springtime decor.
This bunny has the sweetest and softest face!
The pastel colors in the fabric...really evoke feelings of spring.
I love the simplicity of the bunny face.  
The egg mat is great for shelfs and as a mat on your table. 
Wouldn't this be wonderful in a baby's nursery as well! 
There is an egg mat, hanging banner bunny head and a Easter landscape on a larger mini quilt. All three feature wool and fun fabric. 
Egg mat quilt design measures: 11" x 4"
Bunny head design measures: 11" x 4" 
Spring landscape measure: 16" x 7 3/4" 

I am always stitching on a rainy makes staying inside bearable.
Hope you have a sunny Sunday or lots of projects to do!

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  1. OH fun...your inspiration is so much appreciated. Loving the fun spring colors. We have lots of snow and drifts but the Sunshine is out so maybe a great weather day for Easter. May you and yours enjoy a "Happy Easter"