Monday, March 14, 2016

Lots of goodies!!

I had some fun this weekend...mainly shopping with one of my sisters... Cecilia!
We hit a craft show and some antique stores...just goofing around in the rain.
I love collecting old paper holiday this bunny with the honeycomb egg.

This bunny goes with it!
They are so cheerful! 
These are fun little plant pokes,,,just a stick with a pom pom and some cute Easter die cuts. 
Cute chick! 
I got a fabric fringy Edison light and shade. This is by C street Creations.
My hubby even loves it.
Vintage Easter egg die kit...still has everything inside. 
By the way...look at snoopy toward the bottom....cute lil guy!
This is a huge egg...made from boards...loved it! 
Very cute sewing machine pincushion!... by Geri's Whimseys.  
It was only 5 dollars! 
Washington state that blue color. 
The heart is a weave of string on nails. 
I love collecting mannequins and bust...I snagged this at the Two women shop...I was in heaven.
She has glass eyes. 
I can put my daughter Selina's necklace on it!
By the daughter made a Youtube tutorial...showing how easy it is to use her mini wood hoop pendant blanks!  Please check it out!!!
She is very clever on the computer as well as being crafty!

Gotta get busy!!
Have a marvelous Monday!

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