Friday, July 21, 2017

Shine bright...freebie embroidery design

I love glitter!
This is my freebie this week..."Shine Bright".
I stitched it using a darker pink floss and added seed beads on the dot areas.
It fits perfectly in my daughter Selina's hexie pendant blank.
Selina has all kinds of wooden pendant blanks and more in her etsy shop and on her website.

I added glitter to this...just some glue and pink glitter....the picture didn't show off the glitter has cute as it really is though.
Copy and save...
This is her hexie 3 pack....and it comes with this bunny design.
She also has tons of other packs!

We share a I just walk right on over to her stash and choose what I want...I am spoiled!
Time for another sale pattern of the week!!!
It's only $2.99...this week only ..until next friday.
These are great to use up those small scraps of wool that you just can't throw away!
My favorite is the large pumpkin face.

I have been working some logos....just my name and some illustrated flowers

This one is soft and muted.

This one is a study in

I love this pink one...

but even this darker one is cool...
so many decisions.....

Sneaky peaky....
Of my next pattern design. 
Coming soon!

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