Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Remember who you wanted to be

Let's get inspired!
I hope you are going for your dreams...and making it happen.  Sure sometimes things get in the way.  Sometimes you have to hold on to your old job while you also pursue your dream job. Sometimes you need to brainstorm and break it down in small steps... to see what you need to do.  
 I used to think I was too old to follow my dreams.  That I was passed it!  I swear I considered my prime to be a few months when I was 21!  Now I know.... I am 45 and I can go for what I want! I think we are sometimes are own worst enemy.  Going for what you want takes baby takes going for one thing at a time.  I have a painting I made that sits in my says..."One day at a time"....I didn't make it for the TV show (which I used to love!).  I have to remind myself of this...each day is a gift too. 

We also need to have fun each and everyday!  Sometimes the simplest pleasures make the greatest walking in the snow with your family, laughing while watching America's funniest videos, dancing to the latest crazy song...played full blast, making dinner together, and playing a fierce game of monopoly.

Lastly....Let's be bold and love ourselves fully.
Whenever I am feeling down....I get myself pumped up (on purpose).  I talk to my family/friends and try to vent alittle (not too much)....and give myself my own pep talk....remember how wonderful you are and all that you are thankful for!  
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I hope you go for your dreams and live your life to the fullest....WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN?


  1. I love this post Shirley! I remember I wanted to be a vet and now I'm trapped in a career that has been losing its luster for the past 5 years. Sigh! My mother always told me I'd be the first woman president too. Hmmmm, at 41 I don't think that's going to happen. HA!


  2. Oh inspire sooooo many with your fantastic blog!!! Do you know how many people you touch everyday? We love your ideas and projects!!!

    I wouldn't want to be president...too much work and stress.

  3. I am 48 and have just begun working on my second set of dreams.... My first dreams were fulfilled (my children who are now all grown!). I am now learning to quilt!

    Each day is a gift - which we receive and which we also give! Thanks for your giving spirit in your blog!

  4. Hi Stasa Lynn!
    Raising Children is a big dream come true....I have one, she is pride and joy!

    I also is so wonderful when the last stitch is put in and you see all the hard work done!
    Thanks for your sweet comments!