Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun Valentine Hoop art

 Hey Everyone! 
Are you thinking Valentine's day?
I got a new sewing machine for Christmas...and started playing with it.  It has a free motion quilting feature....I think a lot of sewing machines are coming with this now.  I decided to whip up some easy Valentine hoop art. 

 I just ironed some cool fabric and lowered the feed dogs on my sewing machine (that is the little edged area that gets the fabric to move along in the sewing machine).
I put on my quillting foot instead of the straight stitch foot.
You might want to practice this with scraps of fabric. 
I cut out hearts to lay on my fabric.
I just stitched like a kid....very random and crazy.  It is important to hold the fabric tight.
See my crazy stitching.  After I was done sititching...
I put the design in a hoop...pulled very tight...and tightened the knob at the top of the hoop.
 I cut down the excess fabric in the back to a 1/2" inch and then hot glue the fabric towards the back hoop.  The little banner is just stamping words (Stamp pad and alphabet letters) on tea-dyed muslin....cutting into a banner shape. I then ran clear tacky glue along the edges of the words and sprinkled glitter on the edges and let dry.

I then hot glued the words on the hoop art.
I love I added a red glitter heart to one of the hearts in the hoop.
This is a fun project...and easy. 
Have fun!



  1. Your work is wonderful. Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays. Red, pink, brightens up the middle of a dreary winter.

  2. Thanks Colette!! I love Valentine's really lifts the spirits!

  3. Adorable! I have so many hoops I've been saving for something cute to do!