Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrifting with Sue

On Saturday...I went Thrifting with my pal Sue.  It was an entire day of laughing, scoring cool items, and enjoying ourselves.  We had a blast finding cool supplies to sew and craft with.  I want to share some of the things I got!
One store had great quilt books and patterns.....what a steal ...I mean deal!

An antique store had these sweet Valentine hankies. Only one dollar!

These hands crack me up....the whole section of this thrift store had old plastic doll heads...arms and funny.  I should have taken a picture.  My daughter thought these were pretty creepy.   I have no idea why I got them.

Buttons!!!  I love white buttons...they go with everything.

I make tons of flash cards for every holiday and occasion.....but I love these ones too.....I have a big collection.  I guess I love how helpful they were when growing up and they are so sweet.

I like these tiny wreaths.

Charms!  49 cents....for all

Sue got this for my daughter...she is a freshman in high school  It really made us laugh!

This cracks me up- How to make a success of your teen years....this is from 1953....every bit of info is out of date or not
Look at the authors name....poor guy probably got teased like crazy.  My great great uncle was called Gaylord....can't imagine how that went. 

Oh yeah...that is how dances are....NOT!

I LOVE Peanuts and Charlie Brown stuff.  This was a whole dollar.  I love the saying.

I had to glitter it up and tie a Martha Stewart piece of glittery yarn to the top.
Now it is sitting in my Valentine decor...yeah!

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