Monday, January 7, 2013

Sometimes things slip my mind

Good day to you my crafty friends!
I do a lot of multitasking...which sometimes is great because you get so much done....but sometimes it is not so good.  When I try to do a lot and have a million things on my brain I either make mistakes or I think something is done already.
I thought these patterns would have been on my etsy long ago....I started my etsy back in 2008.
I forgot to put on 4 of my patterns....just plan forgot.
I love the kitty saying...Things happen for a reason...just believe.
This is soooo springy...the opposite of my yard right now...which has 7 inches of snow atleast.
This quilt has a heart for every season with a symbol for the tulips for the spring.
I am going to try to multi-task less and write down things I need to get done more consistently.
I do make lists, but I sometimes I have the thought and keep on going.

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