Friday, September 14, 2012

Witch and friend

Isn't this the sweetest witch?!!!
When my siblings and I were young....we had no Halloween decorations....seemed like only the rich had cool Halloween decorations.  So mom would buy construction paper and glue ....and we all went CRAZY!
One of my favorite things to make from black paper...was a silhouette of a witch on a broom.  I just loved it.  Sometimes I would put it on a big yellow moon. 
We would tape these creations (pumpkins, bats, moons, spider, skeletons, etc....) to the windows and walls.  Then we would get out a record of scary Halloween sounds and sit in the dark ...scaring each other.  I was the youngest, but braver than one of my older sisters. 
Now my Halloween collection is massive...too much for my home.  Same with Christmas decorations.  It never stops me from checking out the new stuff in the stores however!

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