Monday, September 24, 2012

It's good to be a girl!

Halloween Korker crochet headband IHB463
Hi everyone!  How's your Monday? 
I wanted to tell you alittle about a cute shop on Etsy....
Shailee Boutique Designs
Adi's shop is perfect for the little ladies....let's face's good to be a girl!
Green Fairy Wings Match Your Tutu Embellished With Ribbons and Flower  GFW100 ON SALE
 She has the sweetest fairy wings....
Shailee Boutique Tangled/Rapunzel Fairy Puff Wand ON SALE FW1594
Fairy wands...
Shailee Boutique Punk Tutu GT1588 ON SALE
Fairy outfits....
Halloween Alligator clip Korker GKA1777 ON SALE
Halloween and holiday hairclips and headwear...
Girl Floral Print Headband GHB1343
Love this headband!  Please check out her is full of lots more pretty accessories.
I love hearing from you gals that love being a mom and love creating too! It is so inspiring!

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