Friday, June 27, 2014

Roses on tea set freebie

It's week 3 on the tea themed freebies....go back to each Friday on my blog to get the other designs.
Click on this picture to see it larger, right click to save.
 I keep something to stitch handy all the time.  It is great when you are stuck somewhere with nothing to do, when you are watching sports with the hubby (lol), or when just to stop late night snacking.
I wanted to share this vintage item with you...which I think is a sort of bingo card.
I love the sweet graphics.

We love huckleberries....which are really popular around sister is always planning her picking times in the woods.

Sweet tomatoes....good and round it

I keep meaning to grow some sunflowers each year, then forget.

I never see cows this cute....guess I am looking in the wrong fields.
If you know what this card was used for....I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I love the vintage squares! I would love to use some of these in a blue trim for covering the backs of my kitchen stools. Do you have any others? The Sunflower, Eggs, and Cow work great with my kitchen. Thank you for sharing, have a Blessed Day, from Port Huron, Michigan.