Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lil treasures from Farm Chicks show

Hi everyone!
I wanted to show you some of my "Treasures" I got at the Farm Chicks show.
These holidays napkins were right up my alley!
I love paper items too....so it was a match made in heaven.

They were so cheap too!

I practically died when I saw the Halloween ones...I am always looking for Halloween.
Each one of these items would sell on Ebay for quite a bit of money.
Paper items like these didn't last back in the day...they were used and then thrown away.

They were in lovely condition and guess how much?
$4 for all of the Halloween ones....steal!

I got a Easter set...with chicks and bunnies

This St Patrick's day bunch was only $3.

A variety pack....you know I love all the holidays!

WWII napkin....so cool!
These were my favorite things.
You may think I am nuts....but I have so much lace, ribbons, sewing items, decor, blah blah blah.
I have a hoard of stuff.....so I did not buy things that I already have too much of.
Although it was tempting.
I got this cool old sheet of paper with birds on it....love it.

I  got a kick out of the bird shapes....each of the drawings are similar...you would never be able to identify a bird with this. 
They threw in the bat...why not?

I think you may be able to click on these to see them larger.

I know I will get a lot of use with this one....

I love the Children's Activity books....I can't resist them.

This huge picture of a pretty lady was $1 ......can you believe it?
The glasses were part of a grab bag.
I have always loved grab bags ever since I was a kid.

Christmas stickers....yeah!

This jar full of goodies was so fun...I had to get it....did I need that? 
No...... but I was at a weak moment!
Inside is a cool small plastic guitar pin with a pic of George Harrison of the Beatles....so cool!
I got the jar and stuff for $8
I love a deal!
Thanks for stopping by!

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