Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fun with photos

Do you need a little help with your pics?
Or want to make your own Andy warhol type art with your family photos?
It's free!
I took a pic of my daughter....and made the above fun piece.
You choose will ask you to choose your photo....then just start playing with all the is addicting! 
I took my cat Froy and made it black and white...linen like paper background and then added fireworks.

I added a sticker of an eye patch to Trix...and made her into a pirate.
Here I used the collage button and made myself an ad for a magazine.
I made a special listing sign for my etsy shop...using the text button.
On these ornaments I made for a pattern....I added an overlay to give it a smoky border.

Here is myself in Andy style.
You can add text, borders, fix wrinkles with a heal button, change colors, make it look just goes on and on.
There is no tutorial just have to start trying things (play!)...and there is an undo button for mistakes!
Have fun!!!

Come to the party bunch, the pin me linky party and thrifty Thusday!

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