Monday, June 23, 2014


Everything is coming up roses.
Not really...I have a bad summer cold....that is driving me crazy, but I still hang out on my patio and enjoy the fresh outdoors.

Here is my the morning....hard to see with all the shadows.

My potting bench....that holds flowers.  I have to keep the petunias away from the silly prairie dogs who think flowers are candy.

The painting in the background is one my daughter did....of downtown spokane.

I took an old enamel bowl that rusted through....and planted flowers.

I found these hen and chickens dying in my yard so I put them in an old frying pan.

They are happy now.

cucumber flower.....

This is supposed to be a cucumber plant...think it is squash

same here(supposed to be cucumber)....but this looks like a pumpkin....who knows.
I guess everything will be a surprise!
I hope to get over this silly cold takes all the energy out of me.
Hope you are feeling great and enjoying the summer!

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