Monday, March 3, 2014

Thrifting and sneaky peaky

I went thrifting on Saturday with my husband and daughter!
We slipped over the border of Washington to Idaho- which is really close.
I love getting more creating!
Above I got these sweet candle rings....which I got for the berries.

I got an antique rug hooking device for 2.50 and I always pick up hoops which are great to frame embroidery in.

This is a huge spool full of great  vintage black trim....I'm thinking witches, Halloween, and more.
Only 5 for the whole thing.

I got a pack of fun getting velvet!

Here is a whole pack of white bump for arms and legs on mice and more.
I also got salt shakers for mini mannequins, pipe cleaners, and twine.

I love never know when you will need a quick gift for someone....frame it up!
I also got scissors, and tape measurers.

35 cents for vases, perfect for large mannequins.

I love paper mache....I already have bunnies and now I can add this duck.

Ultra suede scraps...good for mice ears, legs, and much more.

Candle sticks are great for bases for projects.  I love getting a deal on stuffing.

This baskets set is great for organizing small items.
I also got some things for our home like a ceramic bunny, green dishes for St. Patrick's day, a huge glittery owl for thanksgiving, Tudor playing cards, and more....I totally rocked!
My daughter got a cool carpet, some photo shop discs and accessories...she really didn't buy much fashion as she normally does.
My poor husband didn't find much, but he had fun anyway....we laugh and make fun of weird items....then hit Red lobster- gift cards- yay!
Here is a sneaky peak of my new little pattern...Cute Chick
It will be out in a  day or 2.
We have two tons of snow now ...again...that is supposed to all melt in just days....we'll see!

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