Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter and snow white

Bet you didn't know that snow white was a spokes woman for Armour's ham!
I found this old ad in my Good housekeeping, April 1938.
It says they are inviting you to their Easter feast!

I just love the drawings and bright colors.
It go with this meal they recommend...Cream of mushroom soap, celery, spinach with crisp croutons, parsley buttered potatoes, pear salad in gelatin with mayonnaise (gross), coffee and dessert.

Now that is a big ham for her and her men!
She'll have to get an ax out to chop it up.
This magazine is chick full of lovely ads and fun advice (which is sooooo dated).
One article tells you to keep your legs closed when wearing a dress (no duh).
It also has a wedding day budget....39 dollars for wedding dress, going away suit $29, girdle $5, nightgown 3 at 1.95 each, extra gloves 1.95, and get this....Brassieres 4 at 50 cents
I'm on the floor laughing now.
Women pretty much cooked, cleaned, and waited for their man to come home.
Times have greatly changed!

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  1. I love reading your old magazine findings, just one thing caught me though. Cream of mushroom soap. Yuck. LOL Thank goodness it' Friday, right? Thank you for sharing with us not only your talents but your findings. Have a great weekend.