Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quilted mat tutorial

The other day I was putting up some decorations....and as usual I was wishing I had some mats to put under decor and to cover up a plain shelf.  I also have a piano...with a little damage to the top....where I put more decor.  I had it.  I wanted something small enough so it could fit on a shelf nicely.  Placemats are to large.....coasters way too small.  This mat is just right....9 3/4" x 8". 

Isn't it sweet!  I grabbed 5 charm squares....from those cool packs of fabric at the quilt stores.  They usually come in delightful coordinating fabrics.  From each square I cut 4: 2" squares. 
This is my pack of charms squares (5"x 5")...many mats could be made from these.  I lined the 2" squares up...4 across...and 5 down...alternating colors.  I sewed them together with a 1/4" seam allowance. 
I added 1 1/2" muslin strips to all the sides.  I cut a backing from muslin....and sewed front to back with right sides together.  I clipped corners and turned inside out.  Iron well.  Stitch opening closed. Place plenty of pins on the mini quilt and sew/quilt around the squares....using a larger stitch on your sewing machine.  I stitched in the ditch of each square. 
I also stitched on the edge of the mat.
This makes great snack mats and so wonderful around the house....protecting tables. 
I hope you make up a mat soon...they are handy!
I just wanted to share my new pincushion with you...
a Pincushion with a scissors fob....keeps you items together. 
The bunnies have glittery ball tails.
I love making can never have too many!
Have a fabulous Weekend!

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