Saturday, March 22, 2014

Having a blast!

Hi...I wanted to share some new paintings I have been working on...
I'm having a blast!
It is so much fun to collage backgrounds and then add a painting on top. 
I do many at one time, because I am impatient.
I tell you...I am always thinking about Halloween designs.

I love her pale blue eyes and her bleeding hearts.
These are not done yet...but they are getting closer.
The more you practice drawing...the better you get.
I found some of my old design drawings the other day...they were bad!
But I drew as well as I could at the time....practice definitely helps.
I am still having my big sale on Etsy!
everything is 40% off...everything in my Etsy store!
 (Hudson's Holidays)
Use the coupon code : spring2014
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Starting now March 19th...until 
March 25th 11.59 pm (pacific standard time) 
The sale is over....sorry:(

There are quilt patterns for every holiday!

Fun embroidery that is easy and quick!

Gorgeous centerpieces

 Sweet projects that are not scary!
Useful pincushions

Wool projects...

Jewelry projects with photos.

And projects that make a great gift!
Plus tons more!
There are patterns for quilts and crafts...for every holiday and everyday in between.
We have signs, flash cards, collage sheets, and much more!
This is a great time to get patterns to make into gifts for next Christmas, craft shows, and also projects to make throughout the year.
Projects for your little girls, gifts for friends, and something for yourself!
Quilt patterns, embroidery, home decor....Patriotic patterns....Easter and Springtime....
There are flash cards for every occasion, tags, labels, and artwork
I have over 230 patterns and over 170 digitals to choose from!
If you have any questions.....just let me know!

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