Sunday, March 30, 2014

My drawing book

Happy Sunday to you!
I just wanted to share some drawings in my drawing book I got for Christmas from my sis.
Last time she was, my daughter, and sister drew for hours at our dining room table....with tons of supplies and books.  We had a blast and also had wine.
My daughter had coca cola.
My sister wants to do it again when she comes up next.

I draw with a stabilo pencil makes nice dark lines when you want it to.
The only bad thing is you can't erase it really.  That's why some of my lines are thicker than others.....but I love how it looks.
That is the little bear from the Goldie locks story.

I love me some tabby cats! 
My own sweet tabby cats pose all the time....making me laugh....but they never water the flowers.

Yankee doodle bunny...complete with fireworks.
When I am watching TV at night ...I will pull out my book to draw.
This book has quotes on each page....inspirational quotes.
I just drew whatever I wanted around them.

This poor mouse is gonna get liquefied.
I have lots more to show.....another day.

I think you should draw or doodle....whenever you have some spare time.
It not only is fun, but it relieves stress.
Plus.... added will get better and better the more you do it!


  1. The drawings are just the sweetest! I love the bear so much!!!

  2. Thanks Tascha....coming from you is super special!!!!