Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Easter vintage postcard- boy with eggs

This is as sweet as can be!
I got this vintage postcard on my thrifting expedition last Saturday.
It is from 1915...99 years old at least....printed in Germany.
Just think...this was before World War one!
So much happens in 100 years!
Here is the back.
I love how simple the address was, how it cost 1 cent to mail, and how usually this kind of correspondence has doom and gloom in it.  Someone is bad off, weather is bad,  how much coal was used...lol.
I am just glad to be living now!
I know it had to be super tough....I hope they had a good life.
My new pattern is ready....
It's called
Cute Chick Easter egg Pattern
This sweet lil cute chick is celebrating spring by bringing you a lovely daffodil! What a fast, easy, and fun design to make. The design can be made into this adorable egg shape pillow with rick rack trim...all the details are included in this pattern. Special aging and depth tips included. It makes a great pillow tuck set amongst your decor, primitive pin keep, framed up, or as a doll pillow. You could make this into a candle/table mat as well.
There will never be another today...make the most of it!

Come to the pin me linky party, the party bunch, and the Fancy this Friday!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your post card! I love that you can see the pretty forsynthia and pussy willow; definite signs that Spring has arrived.