Sunday, March 16, 2014

When I can't part with something.....

I made this mannequin this past week.
I fell in love with it!
I was making it to sell, but can't part with it.
It just is so beautiful to me....and speaks to even though I don't need to keep it...I am going to!
It looks old, doesn't it!
I made it with tea-dyed muslin (already dyed and on a bolt at the quilt shop)....I added a ribbon streamer flower...lace, and banner that says "Enjoy".
I also added a necklace which is just a bit of chain I had laying around and the pendant is a 1928 brand earring (a loner since I lost the other earring)

I added coffee dyed cheesecloth for her skirt....and put it on her like a Marie Antoinette style skirt...puffy at the sides.

This is a brooch I had in my stash...something I don't want to wear but is perfect for my mannequin.

Here is the glass candlestick stand I changed up (I posted about this early last week)
Now it looks old iron or old leather.  I added a small party streamer flower with lace trims.

This is how the back looks.
She is now going to be at my side in my studio.

This mannequin is my medium size one.

Gather happy memories today!

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  1. Beautiful! It really is! I would actually have trouble parting with that. I have a few things I have made over the years that I had planned on selling, but just couldn't stand to part with them!

  2. I see pattern for mannequin, large mannequin and mini-mannequin but not a listing fot a medium size one.

  3. It is the first one you mentioned:

    The pattern that shows a picture of a tea-dyed muslin mannequin