Friday, February 28, 2014

Sleeping bunny...freebie

Isn't this a sweet sleeping bunny!
Probably dreaming of carrots...and cadbury eggs!
This would be sweet on a tea towel....or of pillowcases.
Be sure to come back next Friday for...
awake bunny!
I just took pics of some my Easter signs
I love this purple.
It has always been my favorite color.
Do you remember the Peter cottontail movie for kids made back in like 1970?
It featured Vincent price as the bad bunny.
I LOVED that as a kid!
The Easter bunny had to deliver more eggs than the bad bunny to become the new Easter bunny...serious stuff!
I love how peeps look, but they are so sugary.
I love sugar, but it is too much for me.
One of my favorite candies besides cadbury eggs ....are black jelly beans!
What's your favorite Eater candy?
My mom (the Easter bunny) used to put strange sugar eggs in our basket...that were hard and hollow....they don't make them anymore....thank goodness.
Have a happy Friday!

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