Saturday, February 22, 2014

Peacock Gumdrop collages

Good day to you!
I wanted to share my Daughter Selina's collages of her photography.
Selina is 16...a sophomore in high school with her own Etsy shop...
I am a very proud mother!

Her berry pics are so pretty.
She loves taking photos of nature.
Our area is Washington state is full of berries in every form!
Selina also love taking pics of ducks and swans...especially at our Riverfront park!

Pretty flowers.
Selina has a real eye for this!

She LOVES old buildings and loves to age them even more!

I had to throw in her latest rims.
Some old auto shops here in Spokane love to make fences out of old rims....cracks me up.

Please check out her shop sometime!

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