Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sneaky peak- luck of the Irish

Hey....Are you staying inside this weekend?  Staying cozy?
That's my plan!
This is a sneaky peak of my next pattern....coming soon!
I just love kitty cats....I have 3 and they are a bit stir crazy since it is so freezing.
Thye have a kitty door, so they can come and go.
They are totally pampered though.
Don't Let anyone dull
your sparkle!


  1. HI!!!! I can see enough to tell that it is precious!!!! I love kitties too but can't have one right now due to someone else having allergies.....So I have to have substitutes.....and my sister will bring some by when they visit the vet...not the same as having your own!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Hey Carla,
    I am actually allergic to cats and dogs....but I think I have become immune to mine. When I visit my sisters with dogs..I go nuts. I hate it because I love animals.
    Thanks for the sweet compliment!